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Berhitung Jadi Mudah Dengan Canon Scientific Calculator F-718. Hanya Seharga Rp. 109.000,-

Rp 109.000,-
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Berhitung Jadi Mudah Dengan Canon Scientific Calculator F-718. Hanya Seharga Rp. 109.000,-

The Deal

Canon Scientific Calculator F-718 seharga Rp. 109.000,-
*Color: white / pink

Siapa bilang matematika itu bikin pusing? Matematika bisa jadi sahabat terbaik kita karena berhitung jadi mudah dengan Canon Scientific Calculator F-718. Dengan harga super hemat dari Groupon Disdus, kalkulator ini bisa kamu dapatkan langsung loh! Kalian juga bisa loh beliin ini untuk orang yang kalian sayang sebagai kado loh!

Konfirmasi pembayaran paling lambat hari Jumat tanggal 16 Desember 2011 pukul 12.00 siang

• Anti-bacterial keypad
• Top and bottom case, hard case and battery cover made using recycled Canon Copier material
• Dual power source: solar and replaceable battery
• 264 functions and features
• Large LCD dot matrix display
• Dual way (Maths or line) mode

Highly accurate, hygienic and green

Helping schools be more hygienic
Hygiene in schools is a vitally important issue. Now Canon’s anti-bacterial Scientific calculator helps eliminate potential health care problems, as it has an approved inorganic antimicrobial agent* applied to the plastic key tops. This inhibits or reduces the growth of bacteria that can build up on calculator keys – especially in active school surroundings. Thus making the F-718SGA the surest and safest choice for Elementary and High School student use.

Manufactured using recycled Canon material
This Scientific calculator is manufactured using recycled Canon Copier material to make the top case, bottom case, battery cover and hard case of the calculator. This maximises resource efficiency and minimises wastage.

Energy-saving efficiency
The F-718SGA features a practical dual power source. Solar power ensures maximum energy saving, whilst back-up battery power means this calculator never lets you down whatever the light conditions. The ‘auto power-off’ function switches the calculator off after 7 minutes when not touched or not in use, saving even more energy. Also this calculator has a replaceable battery for a long life, unlike some calculators that have to be disposed of after single battery use.

264 functions, highly accurate (up to 18 internal calculation digits)
This comprehensive calculator contains all the essential functions required for Elementary and High School maths and science studies. This includes 264 functions and features, with 17 Store and Recall memories and up to 18 internal calculation digits for highly accurate results (see specifications for a full list of functions).

Large LCD dot matrix display
The large 4-character lines, dot matrix LCD display - complete with contrast adjustment - makes figures easy to read at a glance. A practical hard cover protects the display and key board from everyday knocks and bumps.

Dual way (Maths or line) display and operation mode
Benefit from convenient dual way (Maths or line) display and operation mode. With ‘maths’ mode input and display are shown in maths textbook style, while ‘line’ mode uses the traditional 2-line format.
Tentang Canon
Working together for a better future
Guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on "living and working together for the common good", Canon is dedicated to producing innovative products and technologies to improve efficiency at home and in the office. We are committed to steering our research and manufacturing processes towards sustainability, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and delivering high quality products to our customers. 
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